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September 4, 2011

Best Facebook Game EVER!


I wrote a blog post about how insulting those FB games are when they use the guise of raising awareness for breast cancer. Seriously. How does making people think you are pregnant promote awareness for breast cancer? You can read the post here.

While I vented and spouted off about it in my blog, my friend Sally actually did something about it. She's that amazing.

You can join the cause here.

  • Hello. My name is Sally and I am 42 years old and have Stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer. As we approach October (or Pink-tober) and all of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns, facebook games, etc, I believe we can do something less about the pink and more about the green. I hope you will join me in spreading a real message about breast cancer to all of your friends. My goal is to raise $41,000 dollars, 1 dollar for every life lost to breast cancer this year in 31 days. How you ask? Just like the viral "awareness" games spread and forwarded around the world via social networking, I believe we can do the same thing and have a real impact in the fight against breast cancer. Did you know that 100% of breast cancer deaths are due to metastasis? Did you know that approximately 41,000 women and men die each and every year in America alone from metastatic breast cancer? Did you know that less than 2% of all money raised for breast cancer research is used to research metastatic breast cancer? Knowing these facts is awareness. Doing something about it is action.

Please go the link above and pledge a few dollars - $1 is all that's being asked. But forward the information to everyone you know. And if you've ever posted your bra size, where you put your purse, your shoe size, or thought it would be fun to make your FB friends think you are pregnant, then pledge to not do so ever again - and instead, tell people about this campaign.

As Sally said, "Knowing the facts is awareness. Doing something about it is action."


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