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July 19, 2011

Epic Cat Sneezes!

Spike the Cat has been ill for a few weeks now.  Whatever he has keeps morphing into different disease possibilities.  I'm concerned that it's an upper respiratory disease, but two vets now feel that it might be allergies.  And, quite frankly, I'm tired of cleaning sneeze residue off my computer screen, school books, windows, etc.

Because the vets think it's an allergy, I was asked to come by and pick up some antihistamines.  I was handed the bottle of pills and right there on the label it reads, "Give 1/2 tablet by mouth once a day at bedtime."

And God love a vet tech who can keep a straight face while she says,
VT: "Remember, give it to him only at bedtime because it may cause drowsiness."
Me: "Thank goodness I already took the car keys away from him!"

VT: "And, you  might want to keep him away from alcohol."
Me: "Now you've gone too far!"

So, Spike!  Hurry up and get better!  We have lots of stuff to accomplish!  Like, napping and sitting in windows.


  1. Aww he's so darn cute!!!
    I can't give pills to my cat. She was really sick (UTI) and the vet gave me pills and a pill shooter. It was the most horrifying experience for me and my girl. She was not having the pills. She ended up getting a shot of antibiotics and has been fine ever since!!! Hope Spike is well soon!

    Becky (YSC)

  2. Hi Becky! Pilling cats can be very difficult. But, with Osho, I discovered a much better way to do it. And it works with Spike, too. Those pill shooters are horrible. I don't know why vets try to make us use them. :)