Happiness is an empty fruit basket filled with cat.

July 9, 2011

A Short Commentary on Today's Puzzlement

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what my first blog entry would be about.  I've gone through all sorts of options:
  • An introduction to ME.
  • My angst about the economy.
  • My worry about our futures.
  • Cancer
  • Not cancer.
  • Cats
  • Not cats.
  • The lie that is the "Work/Life Balance."
  • If punctuation belongs on the inside or the outside of the quotation mark.
  • Etc.

But I believe that I have finally made my decision.  My first blog entry will be short and sweet and will serve to get one thing off my chest.  One thing only. 

There is no such thing as a pesco-vegetarian or a pollo-vegetarian. 

In today's slangy, online vernacular - WTF?

Listen carefully, blog readers.  If someone eats the flesh of animals, they are NOT vegetarians.  I'm confused as to why this has become complicated for so many people.  And in case these people failed some fundamental class during elementary education, a chicken and a fish is an animal.

Now that that's cleared up, please feel free to go on with your day.


  1. Bahahahah! News to me that there were any new categories!! Thank you for clearing that up. ;)

  2. Willie looks like such a happy goon in the basket!

  3. Does it make a difference if they call themselves a pescatarian? That's the term I've heard - leaves the "veg" out of it....

  4. I don't think Presbyterians have any food restrictions.

    Wait, I think I've done it again?!?

  5. I am perfectly happy with the term "pescaterian." I think it perfectly describes who and what that person is.

  6. I'm so glad you have started your blog! I know nothing of vegetarianism, but something I have really been interested in learing about.I don't think I even know any vegetarians (IRL). I look forward to more posts Arlyn! Especially about those cut cats!!!

    Excited reader,
    Becky (YSC)

  7. Becky, you know I love talking about food! And cats. :)

  8. I missed your birthday, Ar!! I had to visit your blog to find out!! (I was pretty of out the loop April through August, you know! So HAPPY BELATED birthday and congrats on starting your blog. I am thinking about starting my first blog too...about living single with sickness. xo Bany

  9. B'any, that's a great idea! You should definitely write that blog.

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